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Ken Pham

Ken Pham

A young and passionate storyteller born in London, Ontario, Ken Pham is a professional dancer and emerging choreographer based out of Toronto. His unique upbringing, training with Jo Reads School of Dance, ONE Dance Centre, Ill at Will breakdance crew, and PCG Vipers allowed him to develop a unique and versatile movement repertoire as this is the foundation behind his ability to create freely and move without boundaries. His versatility includes ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, partnering, Argentine tango, aerial, straps, trapeze, breakdancing, freestyle, urban choreography, tumbling, stunting and cheerleading. 


Ken’s film credits include The Next Step Season 3 (Frank Van Keeken) choreographed by Amy Wright, The Magicians (Mike Cahill) choreographed by Paul Becker, Jazz Hands (Kevin Lien and Steven Song) choreographed by Akira Uchida and Degrassi. He’s performed for many productions including Royal Caribbean’s newest show, StarWater, and Red Party and was a part of the workshop team for Dancer: The Musical in Ten Furlongs (John Stefaniuk) choreographed by Stacy Tookey. Ken is highly sought after professional dancer who's been offered numerous jobs such as Drake and Rihanna, Grease: The Musical and has danced for many corporations such as MAC Cosmetics, Mary Kay, TD Bank, Loblaws, Nordstrom, Vita Chambers, Toronto Argos Football Team and more. 


He finds personal fulfillment in contributing to the world by creating and facilitating opportunities for people, teaching and sharing knowledge to youth and telling stories through the art he loves most: movement. Outside of dance and choreography, Ken enjoys reading, travelling, sightseeing, photography and making personal travel films.

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