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Jordan Michael

Jordan Michael Phouttharath

Jordan Michael Phouttharath is an artist/dancer, instructor, choreographer, entertainer, and athlete. 


Jordan graduated from Saunders secondary school in London Ontario. His dance training began in London Ontario in 2009 and over the past years he has studied in Los Angeles & Toronto from such notable dancers as Leon Blackwood, Cora Kozaris, Kyle Hanagami, JP Tarlit, and  many more. His tumbling training began in 2010 under the close guidance and instruction of the gym's coach & business owner. 


Over the years of diligent dance/performance training and continued learning, Jordan's style has become fairly versatile with backgrounds of hip hop, contemporary, acrobatics, breakdance, jazz, ballet, and more. 


Since 2012 he has trained dancers of all ages and all levels in hip hop, contemporary, acro, and breakdance at various studios. 


Additionally, his choreography has won accolades throughout southwestern Ontario.


"I implement dance into all aspects of my life. Always yearning to learn attains knowledge which leads to growth. I am fully devoted to giving back and sharing my knowledge to create artists, leaders, and champions."

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