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Brittany Kelley

Brittany Kelley

Miss Brittany has had a strong passion for dance ever since her first competitive acro class when she was 3 years old. She has trained and instructed acro classes at a local studio in Parkhill since she was young, and now has over 20 years experience in the dance and circus world.


Her motivating personality encourages her students to always try their best and work hard, while still having fun! Miss Brittany likes to challenge her students to push themselves to achieve their goals, in order to develop their acrobatic skills and progress to higher levels over time. Her natural gift to connect with students on an emotional level has helped her ability in teaching many different age groups and skill levels. She also tries to accommodate students by acknowledging their unique strengths and weaknesses and working with what they feel confident doing. 


Miss Brittany has completed her BATD dance exams in all styles of dance including tap, jazz, hip hop, ballet and acro.


She also has trained with various circus artist from around the world, and has experience, training on apparatuses such as the Silks, Aerial hoop, and the Weggsphere. Miss Brittany has auditioned for École Nationale de Cirque  in Montreal (The National Circus School), made it past both cuts and received an interview to attend the school. However, only 20 individuals from around the world are chosen to attend each year. Miss Brittany continues to train in hopes of achieving her goal of attending ENC and becoming a professional circus artist.


Miss Brittany’s passion for dance and ongoing interest in the human body, has also lead her to a profession as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). She is currently working next door to the studio at Massage Addict, and is eager to build her clientel. With her vast knowledge of the human body and many years of experience as a dancer, she can ensure her classes are safe and prevent possible injuries from occurring, by educating her students on proper body mechanics as well as self care.


Miss Brittany is all about “Doing what you love”, and she looks forward to meeting new people at the studio, building connections, and learning something from all the people she meets!

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