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Andrew Dragert

Andrew Dragert

Andrew started dancing at the age of five and it has become his passion ever since. Finishing his Regional Arts Program Certificate at Cawthra Park Secondary School where he had the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers Allen Kaeja, Darryl Tracy and Michael Trent. On his final year of competing, Andrew won Mr. Dance Canada and had been selected to be the “Face Of Fever” at Fever International Dance Championships in the 2012-2013 season. His professional career started as an apprentice in the Rutherford Movement Exchange’s first
debut production entitled “Ascension,” under the artistic direction of Stephanie Rutherford.

Working with such passionate and talented dancers in Toronto and abroad has inspired him to broaden his horizons, finding new avenues to learn more about what dance has to offer as well as to start teaching and choreographing. Some Televised opportunities Andrew has had the
chance to work on would be The Next Step, Backstage, Reign, The 2015 CCMA Awards comedy segment, The 2015 Pan American Games closing ceremony and The 2015 Para Pan American Games opening ceremony. Andrew has had the opportunity to dance in Stephanie Rutherford’s production “Ascension,” Vlad Novitski’s production of “Checkmate,” Ross Wirtanen and Tia Haraga’s “Marina Antoinette,” the 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival, and the 2016 Toronto Beaches Jazz festival.

Andrew continues to train, take class, and teach at competitive and drop in dance studios throughout Ontario. His passion, determination and hard work are what have pushed him this far in his career and he plans on continuing to pursue his dream for many years to come!

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